8-Killer Interview Tactics So You Can ‘Tell it to Sell It!’

Media is everywhere. TV, radio are print are no longer not the exclusive gatekeepers. That’s day is done. 

The media is omnipresent and we are our own broadcasters and networks now. But, regardless of which medium you decide to broadcast your show on, you’re job – as the spokesperson for YOU never changes. You still have to set-up to the microphone and “tell it to sell it.” If you can’t tell it to one person, you can’t tell it to a million.

You have to be able to talk about who you are and what you’re selling – anytime, any place and anywhere. A task that used to be a whole lot easier when people had sizable attention spans and you be heard above the roar.

Preparing to use media and getting the word out is still a very specific honed skill set. It includes a great media coach who will teach you, among other things; how to create attention-grabbing soundbites, clear and concise pitches and delivering “Killer Interviews!”

Here’s an excerpts from my “35-Killer Interview Tactics! Report” which will give you a taste of what’s in store when you sit down with a reporter or gatekeeper, either inperson or remotely. you can receive this entire list for no cost by simply emailing me. 

1 – When you’re telling your story to the media, or any gatekeeper, your JOB is to capture their attention and imagination in the shortest amount of time. The best way to do that is by using COLOR AND DETAIL.

2 – A good story is both the SIZZLE AND THE STEAK. To set up your story, you want to up paint a picture with your words, using color and detail – and drop the other person in, so they can get a feel for what you’re saying as well. (It wasn’t just night time, it was a dark and rainy winter’s night.)

3 –  Listen carefully to the questions that are being asked and answer them specifically and succinctly – and TAKE YOUR TIME. Be thoughtful, not slow.

4 – PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE IN ADVANCE and KNOW what you’re going to talk about BEFORE you talk to the press, or create your own media – just don’t write a script. Think more along the line of BULLET POINTS to keep it fluid.  

TIP: You can ask in advance if there are specifics to the interview; what ground they’re looking to cover, or problem they’re wanting to solve. Usually they’re more than happy to share.

5- Stay ON TOPIC and STAY FOCUSED. Be specific. Give DETAILS; places, names and dates. Remember, you’re a reporter too, reporting YOUR story. You’re also a storyteller, so make it memorable.

6 – Create and have colorful and intriguing SOUNDBITES ready at a moments notice that help tell your story, move it along and to keep it interesting, detailed and newsworthy. A soundbite is a brief and outstanding mini version of who you are and what you’re selling.

7 – Check out your body language. What is it saying about you? Are your hands all over the place? Are you playing with your hair, or the buttons on your clothing? It’s OK to use your hands when you speak, but make them important. You’re not leading an orchestra. First impressions are everything! It’s vital that you look CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE, even if your not.  

8 – Dress for success and DRESS THE PART! Whatever your part is. You’re the STAR! You get to decide how the world sees you.

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