8 Pitching Tips To Help A Reporter Out

Recently I was asked about the best ways to pitch “Help A Reporter Out”, otherwise known as HARO. My first thought was, you’ve got to have a relevant and timely pitch BEFORE you can “wow” the media, or any gatekeeper, to get them fired up about who you are and what you’re selling. These are my 8 killer Interview Tactics! for pitching the media, or any gate keeper, as you gear up to tell the world about who you are and what you’re selling.

1. A great pitch knocks it out of the park in 5 seconds or less. Therefore, you have very little time to get someone who doesn’t know a thing about you to want to know a lot about you.  

2. You will have a better success rate at pitching to a reporter, or decision maker, if you don’t make them work hard at figuring out what you’re selling. Keep it simple and straightforward.

3. Breakdown what you do to your core message. What problem do you, your business, company, product or service solve? Presto! That’s your pitch – and that goes right at the top. 

4. What task does your business make easier, quicker and more affordable for you clients, fans and customers?

5. Break it down into “talking points” and “soundbites” that detail the benefits.

6. Prepare, prepare, prepare in advance and know you’re going to say before you pitch. Just don’t write a script. Think more along the lines of bullet-points to keep your pitch fluid and conversational and quick.

7. Don’t be cute or too clever. Not because it’s bad media mojo, it just doesn’t translate over text.  

8. Bring your energy and success with you when do your bidding, so you can “pitch it to promote it and tell it to sell it.” 

These were the answers I gave for pitching the media, but you can use them for pitching anyone, anywhere, that includes you telling the world about who you are and what you do. Online, offline and in-person.

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