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Armani ValentinoArmani is a visionary. He has a resilience that’s unmistakable. If you know him personally, you know he will always find a way to help people and create win-win situations for all parties involved with him.  He uses his writings, movies, blogs, videos and plays as a means of promoting:

1. Better communication skills in relationships
2. Healthy relationships
3. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs/STIs
4. Domestic Violence Prevention for Both Females/Males
5. Literacy and Education
6. Prevention of Teen Pregnancy

Because of these core goals, Armani Valentino has been a featured lecturer and workshop presenter at colleges and universities nationwide (Jackson State University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State University, Arkansas State University and more).  He has also been a guest on the nationally syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” Dallas’ K104fm and has had numerous television, radio, internet, podcast, and newspaper appearances.  What started as one book (99 Questions)  has now turned into a brand.  


Battle of the Sexes: Men vs. Women – Who’s Really at War?

A Fully Interactive Town Hall Style Debate – Rated 5 Stars by Students & Faculty – LOT’S OF FUN

Claim the INCREASE

13 Strategies to accomplish your goals, rise above mediocrity, and build your life to achieve above average results. Staff development/empowerment seminar.

This Is Why I Won’t Marry You

Based on the bestselling book of the same title, this workshop focuses on Developing the New Rules of Dating & Relationships for this Generation. Attendees will enjoy learning the following: 10 Women All Men Should Run From, 5 Men You Should Never Marry, What Men Want & What Women Need, Defining YOUR Deal-Breakers & More!

The Power of Forgiveness

An interactive seminar that helps individuals heal from the past. In this workshop, attendees will learn the best practices to overcoming hurt, shame, bitterness, and feelings of betrayal. They will also learn: stress management, how to FOR-GIVE, subconscious re-calibration, how to LOVE without limits, and other techniques to help regain their true self and walk in Unlimited Power!

Black History Month Only – HBCU’s – FROM GOD’S & GODDESSES to N*$$A’s & B!#&%E$

The systematic destruction of black divinity and identity … Where Do WE go from here?


Armani has spoken at these higher education institutions:

  • Arkansas State University
  • Jackson State University
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • University of Texas at El Paso
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Argosy University


You can check out some of Armani’s videos here and on his YouTube channel.

Armani Valentino Interviewed on News9


Born Armani Valentino Moss, Armani Valentino is the author of 10 total books & author of the best-selling books, 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him and Definitely Before Having SEX , The Love Triangle: How to Heal from a Broken Heart, The Power of Forgiveness & THIS IS WHY I WON’T MARRY YOU.  

He wrote and self-published his first book at the age of 19.  It was a collection of poems that he had written entitled, The Perfect Girl.  

Armani Valentino has since then completed eight other books; 99 Questions…Before Having SEX, If You Want to Lose Weight Don’t Listen to Your FAT Friends, The LOVE Triangle: How to Heal from a Broken Heart, Claim the INCREASE, and 3 eBooks entitled, The Power of Forgiveness, Getting Your Man to Do What You Want, & Why Do We Hurt Hurt Each Other? This Is Why I Won’t Marry You; all available on Amazon.com.

99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having SEX by Armani Valentino

99 Questions You Must Ask A Man Before Sleeping With Him & Definitely Before Having Sex

Armani Valentino believes that his book is a great tool for those wanting to be in a relationship and for those already involved. He says, “Most of the time people don’t really know what to ask. Many people like to avoid asking questions for fear of finding out something they don’t want to know. The sad part about this is, STD’s are on the rise. Even if you don’t contract an STD, you may get involved with a total basket case that might abuse you emotionally and physically. These things along with so many other possibilities are usually due to not asking enough of the right questions before you get emotionally and sexually involved.”

If You Want to Lose Weight Don't Listen Don't Listen to Your FAT Friends by Armani Valentino

If You Want To Lose Weight Don’t Listen Don’t Listen To Your Fat Friends

I wrote this short book to help 4 women I love very much with their weight; My mother, two sisters, and a special young lady! I did this because at times, discussing weight verbally with anyone can turn into a big issue. So, out of my love for them I wrote the book. I personally knew that if what I wrote in the book was put into practice, the person(s) could only SUCCEED. Needless to say, I only promoted the book very briefly. Why is that? I felt that the individuals I wrote the book for and the general population didn’t really care about their health as much as they talked about they did. However, after this news from my sister, I am back with this one. Good health is probably the most important thing in the world. I know the value of it first hand.

The Love Triangle How to Heal from a Broken Heart (Hurt, Shame, Bitterness, & Betrayal) by Armani Valentino

The Love Triangle: How To Heal From A Broken Heart (Hurt, Shame, Bitterness, & Betrayal)

It is my intent to help you heal from a “broken heart.” A broken heart can be devastating. It can cause one to lose the desire to live. It can also cause lack of ambition, loss of or increase in appetite, and numerous other destructive behaviors. Hopefully, the words that are on the pages in this book will be just the guide that you are looking for to help you heal from your broken heart. This book was actually supposed to be out before now, but I was distracted once I started writing and producing my first play. However, for my own life, the completing of this book was right on time. Why do I say that?

While much of the book was written on experiences from the distant past, after going back to complete the book, my more recent broken heart was actually healed from this process once again. So, does it work? I would have to say, Yes! No matter how dark things may seem in your life, things will turn for the better if you change the focus. Learn from all and appreciate all that you have experienced in your life.

Getting Your Man To Do What You Want: 6 Tips For Women That Want To Fully Enjoy Their Relationships

Getting Your Man To Do What You Want: 6 Tips For Women That Want To Fully Enjoy Their Relationships

A short and straight to the point book that you will enjoy and get a lot from in a very concise manner.  Women and men are different. I am a man, that knows men, but I also grew up with women. In the last 5 years I have met over 100,000 women. I’ve had thousands of conversations and realized that with just a few adjustments and skills being reinforced, a woman in a relationship with a man that is committed to her, can get him to do just about anything for her. In this short Book, I give you 6 Tips that are sure to help you!

This Is Why I Won't Marry You by Armani Valentino

This Is Why I Won’t Marry You

“Marriage is in trouble and, however desirable, will be difficult to restore. But we can at least ensure that casual relationships outside of marriage don’t produce children before their biological parents are ready to take on one of the most difficult social tasks any of us ever undertakes: raising a child. Accidents happen; a child shouldn’t be one of them. Half of all children born to women under 30 are born out of wedlock. The proportion is even higher among those without a college degree.” Isabel Sawhill

THIS IS WHY I WON’T MARRY YOU… Said to be one of the most unbiased, objective, practical, and pragmatic books on male & female relationships in the last 20 years.

If you’re a man, you and the fellas will love the book. If you’re a woman you and your girlfriends will make this book the topic of discussion for many weekends to come.

SoSoActive.com says, “This is Armani Valentino’s BEST WORK! He definitely has a #1 Bestseller with this one!” Jerra Mitchell says, “Your new book is amazing!! I was on the train to Chicago this morning, and I almost missed my exit because I was so engrossed in the book (lol)! I’m not done reading it yet, but so far, my two favorite chapters are 3 & 6. Great work!”

Anju says, “I’m not a reader, but I loved the way the book looked, so I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down. Armani, I told your sister, you are speaking actual facts. The real deal. I have to get the book as soon as it goes on sale.”

Why Do We Hurt Each Other & How Do We Get Back 2 Love by Armani Valentino

Why Do We Hurt Each Other? & How Do We Get Back 2 Love?

In his third book on relationships, National Best-Selling Author, Armani Valentino takes on a very real issue and the challenges involved in producing more healthy relationships.

In the same straight forward, right to the point manner, Valentino leaves no stone unturned as he gives the reader 12 MAIN REASONS why they hurt the other person, and 36 REAL ways to GET BACK 2 LOVE.

Armani says, “Most of the time, both parties are wanting their needs met, and are using the other person as the excuse for why their needs aren’t being met. This keeps the relationship at a stand still. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even do that. It actually damages the relationship daily when both parties are doing this.”

In this sure to be best-seller, both men & women alike will be able to relate and get down to the core of the issues and be able to focus on the solutions; all while understanding that both parties will have to do their part.

Claim The Increase by Armani Valentino

Claim The Increase

How to start where you are with what you have to achieve above average results. The book will teach you exactly Why You Haven’t Mastered the Law of Attraction and how to get more of what you want and actually want what you get when you get it. The one book that anyone can understand and use to get better results in a more precise and scientific manner.

About 3 years ago I asked THE MOST HIGH to give me a phrase to write in every book that I autographed. “Claim the INCREASE” was the phrase that was given to me! Claim the INCREASE is a WORK-BOOK that I came up with to help anyone have more success, and get past their limiting beliefs! IF THEY DO what’s in this book, they won’t have a problem reaching their desires. “CLAIM the INCREASE” in order to become SUCCESSFUL.

The Power of Forgiveness by Armani Valentino

The Power Of Forgiveness

Lack of Forgiveness causes one to never reach their full-potential in life. Why? All things are energy including thoughts. The thoughts that you have that cause you to keep someone captive in your mind, cloud the space with energy that isn’t productive. Therefore, all of your energies are mixed with good and evil. And…in order to be really effective, you can’t ride the fence. FOR-GIVE and let the captives go free so that the MOST HIGH can GIVE you ALL that he has FOR you!

This is Part 1 of a series I have entitled “Unlimited POWER.” I believe that we are all endowed with the seeds of GREATNESS from conception in our mother’s womb. However, from living life, situations and circumstances sometimes take a toll on our effectiveness and steal our POWER. Without Power, personal power, we are deemed to suffer day after day in mediocrity, never tapping into our POWER. The series will cover blocks, such as unforgiveness, that hold us from our destiny!

We ALL have a PURPOSE, but without POWER, our PURPOSE will never be met. As usual, I use scriptures from multiple cultures, religions, and regions around the world to speak to the reader that has a world view and an open mind. Follow the words on the pages of this series, and I guarantee that you will be a PURPOSE & POWER filled renewed individual.

Take A Loss 2 Win by Armani Valentino

Take A Loss 2 Win

Take A Loss 2 Win, an exciting real-life account of a young fashion mogul’s journey of becoming a man, while following his passion and chasing his dreams. What he didn’t know was life happens, and sometimes, you don’t have control of what comes your way; Stealing, drug dealing, prison, joblessness, homelessness, and so much more! Can you go through the ups and downs of life without letting it crush your dreams and destroy your destiny? Can you Take A Loss 2 Win?

Crabology by Armani Valentino


Are you tired of others pulling you down every time you seem to move ahead? Have you been experiencing negativity from others for no reason? This book is about humanity and our interactions with others. It brings to light the attitudes that hinder our individual and collective progress. It offers insight into how to overcome the negative forces that hinder our progress. Crabology is a game changers opportunity to foster great success with themselves and others.


“Armani Valentino is doing what he has been called to do. He is an inspiration and an agent of change. His words, both spoken and written, cause you to totally examine yourself and make the adjustments needed to get on track.” — Kelland Drumgoole – CEO/Founder of SoSoActive.com & Professional Educator at Dallas Independent School District Adult Learning Program

“Armani Valentino is the “Coaches Coach!” As a Professional Educator for the last 15 years, I’ve seen hundreds of individuals facilitate workshops and training seminars. Few are as thorough and authentic as Mr. Valentino. He makes himself available and is able to REACH YOU then TEACH YOU. I often hear his words when thinking through situations that may arise. He is worth every dime and then some for his services.” — Cherese Walker, M.Ed – Co-Founder at The Life Coach Training Institute & Professional Educator of Special Education & Training DeSoto Independent School District

“Mr. Valentino is ahead of his time. He has the knowledge of a well-researched PhD individual, such as my self. He is a “No Excuses, Make It Happen” type of person that teaches others to do the same. His Battle of the Sexes Workshop is learning in a fun and enjoyable way. I appreciate him for asking me to be part of this workshop.” — Dr. Lawana Gladney, EmotionalWellnessInc.com

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Dallas, Texas

$5,000 – $7,500


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