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Bill McCready


I’m just a trader who developed the Futures Trading Secrets system in the process of teaching myself how to trade in the future’s markets. I have students all over the world making money trading, using the principles and techniques outlined in my course.

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Reno, Nevada

, $5,000 – $7,500




A long time ago, I thought trading would be easy! I am a smart guy, but I didn’t become a successful trader until I understood all of the principles covered in this system.

Hi, my name is Bill McCready, and I was the typical loser in the stocks and commodities trading game. Until I started to trade, my life was one success after another.

Well, fast-forward, and I’m now 68 and started trading about twelve years ago with only limited success. A few big wins and lots of small losses.

I have degrees in mathematics, engineering-physics and nuclear engineering. I’ve worked in management positions as a nuclear submarine officer, astronomical engineer, venture capital consultant and Internet entrepreneur. I have owned eleven businesses, including an engineering company, Novell networking company, AM-FM radio stations, an international product trading company, and a venture capital fund and consulting company.

I am the creator and originator of this FUTURES TRADING SYSTEM and program. I have learned from many people, but the total package is my creation and how I trade.

Why a Futures Trading Secrets Course?

I spent upwards of $50,000 to learn how to trade. Now I am ready to share what I have learned in my Futures Trading Secrets Course so YOU don’t have to invest that much to learn a new way of trading. YOU can save a lot of time and money by taking my course.

Lots of traders and trades contributed to the development of this system. This is not a Holy Grail System, but a method of looking at the market in a different way and a way to make YOUR own decisions and set YOUR own risk levels. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

The bottom line is that this method works for me and it can work for YOU!


Commission rule 4.41(c)(1) applies to “any publication, distribution or broadcast of any report, letter, circular, memorandum, publication, writing, advertisement or other literature….”commission rule 4.41(b) prohibits any person from presenting the performance of any simulated or hypothetical futures account or futures interest of a CTA, unless the presentation is accompanied by a disclosure statement. The statement describes the limitations of simulated or hypothetical futures trading as a guide to the performance that a CTA is likely to achieve in actual trading. Commission rule 4.41(b)(1)(i) hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.


Some of Bill’s presentations include:

The Futures Trading Secrets (Introduction/Overview)

  • With real-time videos comparing approaches to trading the eMini, including: Stochastic Indicator Systems, Fibonacci Cluster Systems, including Pivot Points and Support and Resistance Levels, I go into what these are and how they relate to my trading techniques.
  • I show YOU how and why I picked a unique set of indicators to give YOU up to 80% accurate signals. (I estimate I tested over 200,000 combinations to get these settings.)
  • The written portion of the 188 page course includes 69 charts, four Excel tracking and support spreadsheets, and all the trading rules for pinpoint entries and exits. I go over sections of what you’ll be receiving in the course.
  • You get five charting templates, and two work-spaces for Ensign Software so YOU can trade exactly like I do with Indexes, Forex, Stocks and Option Swing Trades!


  • Casual To Serious Investor
  • Beginner Investors
  • Retired Men/Women
  • Stay-At-Home Moms/Dads


Here are just some of Bill’s futures trading videos. You can find more on his YouTube channel.


The Futures Trading Secrets Course|

YOU are one simple step away from spectacular success as a trader! Trading is 90% mental, 80% money management and 10% signals. In order to climb into the top 5% of all traders and become consistently successful, YOU need to master all three areas. If YOU want to master the markets and increase YOUR success, YOU need to consider the Futures Trading Secrets Course. A thousand students (30% are professionals) have chosen this program as their last course.

YOU can read a book or look at charts, but it is not enough. YOU need video training on the live market in order to trade in real time at the Hard Right Edge of the chart. That is what the Futures Trading Secrets Course offers YOU.

Bill McCready's eCourse on Futures Trading

Futures Trading Methods

How to trade index futures contracts (e-Mini S&P, e-Mini Russell and e-Mini NASDAQ) with low risk strategies. This futures trading system also works on the DOW, DAX, Euro, Hang Seng, Nikkei and Bonds. It is a very simple futures trading system to use.

  • How to spot and trade high profit chart patterns.
  • How to find high probability Counter Trend trade setups using only two technical indicators.
  • Key time reversals during the day for the S&P’s, and how to trade at these times.
  • Patterns in the first hour that will specifically show YOU whether or not the market will trend for the entire day or not!
  • How to set Support and Resistance targets for the day.
  • Charts illustrating each type of high probability trade entries and exits.



“Thanks Bill, I’ve been trading the markets since 1999 and I sold systems for $6,000.00 I have to commend YOU on YOUR work, very nice job, it gave me another way of looking at the markets and I like it, even though there are many points in the market everyday. 2 points a day is a very good living. Thanks for YOUR hard work, I,ll keep YOU posted!” — Scott Winthrop

“Bill, I just wanted to write about an interesting trading day I experienced last Thursday. I started out with a couple of rules. One, trade only one contract and two, use Futures Traders rules of engagement. only and no other fancy price scalping or anything. Thursday afternoon after tallying up the score the final outcome was one loser for $39.00 which was operator error, I hit the wrong button and reversed but didn’t mean to and had to hit the buy button again and ended the whole thing, and several profits that amounted to around $840.00,,,,,,, ok I may of cheated a little bit, I did allow one of the trades to draw down to around two points, but the reasoning was I was too early and there was nothing wrong with trade. Yes it can be done. Trading only one contract and using the Ensign charts, Futures Trading Ergodic template, and no news or any other type of help, insight or crystal balls. I can’t stress enough the importance of practicing. I trade with real money but I still go back to the Simbroker and use it.”  Patrick Stewart

“Hey Bill, just wanted to share with YOU an awesome trade I took. I sold a E-mini Russell at 860.50. I exited at 858.20. There was no buy signal I just wanted to have a decent success trade! As YOU know the Russell finished down to 854.90, one minute before the close on 7-17 and then sold off again this morning. I left $330 on the table on 7-17, but what the heck….there’s always another trading day! Thanks again for all YOUR genuine support, detailed manual and DVD’s! Cheers!”  John Newman
Professional Financial Planner Scores

“Hey Bill, my last 10 trades only one loser. All I do is wait for the high probability trade. It is almost hard to believe that this is happening. I have been a break even trader until I bought YOUR service.”  Steven Prestyl, Certified Financial Planner

“Bill, how have YOU been lately? Just wanted to let YOU know that I found my niche in trading. I knew I wanted to trade, but was unsure what. The emini course I took from YOU was invaluable in my learning (the hard way, because I didn’t immediately take YOUR advice!) about trading discipline. I’ve been trading pork bellies and live cattle and have increased my original account value by 50%, by making only four trades during a four month period. Three of the four were profitable, especially a belly trade (long) that I’ve been in for the past 2-3 weeks. YOUR money management principles are very good and I’ve taken money management to heart (i.e. cut losses and let profits run). Thanks for all of YOUR help over the past 15 months. I’ll keep YOU updated on my progress. Take care and I hope to hear from YOU soon.” — Jeff B., Kingwood, TX

“Mr Bill McCready, I ordered YOUR course a few weeks ago, and I’m writing to express my deep appreciation. I have read through the course material twice and gone through some of the CDs, and must say they are very, very good – in fact certainly the best Futures Trading course I’ve encountered so far. In fact, although I’ve not downloaded the templates into my Ensign software, – just by paper trading with the PPs, 49/89 EMAs and Stochastics indicators – have given really great results. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart, Mr McCready – YOUR course has given me confidence that I can trade the emini’s at last. The only regret is that I did not order YOUR course earlier, and Bill YOU paid my tuition fees to the market!”  Dr. Lim Hui Chui, Singapore

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Futures Trading Secrets

Reno, Nevada

$5,000 – $7,500


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