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Gayl Murphy


Gayl Murphy is an award-winning Hollywood Correspondent, Media Strategist, Presentational Coach, Speaker and the Author of “Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered”.  As a Correspondent, Gayl has reported on entertainment and show business for ABC News, BBC News, Radio/TV, SKY News and E! Entertainment among others. She has personally interviewed over 15,000 of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers in the world for their current projects and events.

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Gayl Murphy is a Media Entrepreneur, Media Expert, award-winning Hollywood correspondent, media and presentational coach, speaker and the author of Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide To Giving A Killer Interview!

As an award winning Hollywood Correspondent, Murphy specializes in interviewing the industry’s biggest stars. Based in Hollywood, she has worked with many of the top news outlets including; ABC News, BBC News, E! and SKY News, to name a few. The media-savvy Murphy has been up-close and personal with about 15,000 of the most famous celebrities and newsmakers in the world.

“I can probably count on one hand the number of the stars in business and entertainment I HAVEN’T talked to.” Murphy says. “I love what I do…and to the amazement of my friends and colleagues, I never get tired of it because it’s always fascinating to hear people’s stories.”

Murphy has taken what she knows about how to pitch the media and craft a great story that the media and consumers will devour, and put it to work for the average business executive, corporate spokesperson, creative entrepreneur, author, expert or inventor.

As a “media expert,” she can tell you what makes a great news story, a killer pitch, how to successfully work with the media, what they really want from an inner-view of you and how to create killer soundbites and pitches. It’s that expertise that motivated her to write her book “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered! The Insider’s Guide to Giving a Killer Interview!”

Having done thousands of interviews over the years, I’m still baffled at how some of my favorite CEO’s, showbiz pros, celebrities and newsmakers are so unprepared when it came to talking to the media, or anyone else for that matter, “ says Murphy. “So to help them out, I decided to write the quintessential ‘insider’s guide to giving a killer interview’ so that established stars and soon-to-be stars (on and off the Red Carpet) would have the same successful media tools that celebrities use.”

Gayl Murphy, Hollywood CorrespondentIf anyone knows what sells in the media – and how to tell it to sell it when creating savvy messages about business, products, services and careers — it’s Gayl Murphy, “The Celebritizer!”

When Interview Tactics! was first published, The Orange County Register wrote she was “sleeping with the enemy” by coaching newbies – transforming them into Media Stars. Murphy has been called in by some of the most prominent companies in world.

Among her many high-profile media and consulting clients are Geffen Records, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Parsons Engineering, The X-Prize Foundation, Nettwerk Management, NBC Television, The Nederland Company, Warner Brothers Records and The Buck Institute for Age Research, in addition to a plethora of authors, experts, online gurus, lifestyle gurus, engineers, rock stars and creative entrepreneurs.

“When it comes to telling the world about who you are and what you do, your business, product or service can’t speak for you. No one can,” Murphy says. “If you can’t tell your own story, who can? And who will?” You’ve got to pitch it to promote it, so you can tell it to sell it! “Having a concise message and business pitch, regardless of what media you’re using – means taking your cues from what’s already successful.” And that’s where Gayl Murphy comes in.



Award winning Hollywood correspondent Gayl Murphy has done over 15,000 celebrity interviews in her news and interviewing career – and she knows better than anyone “ya got to tell it to sell it,” that being interviewed is a give and take process. Murphy will teach you what to give and what to take!

• The Media Golden Rules – What They Are & How They Apply To Your Business!
• How To Master The Art Of Meeting The Press. Expertize & Celebritize!
• 4 Questions You Will Always Be Asked Every Time You Are Interviewed
• What Reporters, Interviewers, Networkers & Gatekeepers Wants From You
• The Different Kinds Of Media & What Each Is Looking For Specifically
• Creating Powerful Soundbites, Talking Points & Pitches
• Press Tours, Roundtables, Networking, Press Conferences & The Red Carpet
• On & Off The Record … And, How To Not Be Fooled!
• How To Find Your Story & Make It “Media Ready”

… and so much more!

Gayl Murphy, Hollywood Correspondent On Stage


• ASCAP “We Create Music” Expo 12, Hollywood, CA
• Actor’s Breakthrough, Hollywood, CA
• CMJ Music and Film Festival, New York City, New York
• CineWomen, Beverly Hills, CA
• Dottie Walter’s Magnificent Marketing Symposium LA
• Event and Arena Marketing Conference, Denver, CO
• Financial Women International, Los Angeles, CA
• Get the Word Out Symposium; Master the Medium, Master the Message, LA
• IESfest, The Indie Entertainment Summit, Los Angeles, CA
• Independent Writers of Southern California, IWOSC, LA
• La Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
• MediaSpeak Symposium, Los Angeles, CA
• Moving Messages Forward, Cabinet Office, Government of Ontario, Canada
• National Publicity Summit, New York
• National Speakers Association, NSA, San Diego, CA
• Navigating the Media: The Mix Between Business, Art and Media, Beverly Hills, CA.
• Scriptwriters Network, Los Angeles, CA
• ShowBizExpo, New York and Los Angeles
• SpeakerMatch, Speaker Services, Los Angeles, CA
• Temecula Film and Music Festival, Temecula, CA
• The Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference, GLAWS, Los Angeles, CA
• The Learning Annex, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego
• The Podcast and Portable Media Expo, LA
• The San Diego Music Thing, San Diego, CA
• The Showbiz Expo, New York and Los Angeles
• The Women’s Small Business Expo, Pasadena, CA
• USC, The Walter Annenberg School of Communication, LA
• University of California at Los Angeles – UCLA. Los Angeles, CA
• Women In Technology, WIT
• Women in Business, Los Angeles, CA



Here’s a wonderful collection of photos and images of Gayl Murphy, Hollywood Correspondent, and her work in the media, on television, in studio, as well as working with Hollywood, political and other type celebrities.


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INTERVIEW TACTICS! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered

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INTERVIEW TACTICS! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered by Gayl Murphy

INTERVIEW TACTICS! is the how-to be interviewed and media training survival guide that lays out the step-by-step power tools you need for going ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE PRESS, CAMERA, MICROPHONE (or any gate keeper) so you can give that KILLER INTERVIEW! What you’ll discover from Interview Tactics! the book and coaching is HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED. And, how to GIVE A KILLER INTERVIEWS! They tell me, it’s “Pure media gold!”

These challenging times demand invention and ‘re-invention’. In this 24/7 instant-everything, information world, it’s imperative that you have a successful media strategy. Businesses today must have the same targeted interview tactics that celebrities and superstars in business use to celebritize themselves and their brands, in order to compete and win in this hyper-competitive marketplace! We can no longer think just TV, radio and print to get the word out. The media is EVERYWHERE! We are our own broadcasters and satellite networks. Power to the people!

  • MASTERING the art of MEETING THE PRESS (or ANY decision-maker).
  • The FOUR MEDIA QUESTIONS you will ALWAYS be asked.
  • Why the media can be your BEST FRIEND or WORST NIGHTMARE.
  • What the HOLLYWOOD’S SUPERSTARS are saying about their INTERVIEW TACTICS!
  • Media: ONLINE and OFFLINE and why they so much the same.
  • Navigating and creating your own TALKING POINTS, SOUNDBITES AND PITCHES.
  • Why there is NO DIFFERENCE between 10 seconds and 140 characters.
  • What you need to know about TV, RADIO, PRINT, ONLINE & FACETIME INTERVIEWS!
  • What your BODY LANGUAGE is saying about YOU.
  • The DIFFERENT KINDS of MEDIA…TV, Radio, Print Online and Realtime.
  • Becoming a MEDIA DARLING and getting asked back again and again.

Gayl is Media Expert and Interviewer to the Stars! As seen and heard on ABC News, BBC News – TV/Radio,  SKY News, E!, The Guardian Newspaper, NYPost.com, The Independent Newspaper, DailyBeast.com, Los Angeles Times, Popeater.com, Hollywood Reporter, FOXNews.com, AOL.com, Orange County Register, CNN International, BBC.com and Entrepreneur.com among others.

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“I first heard Gayl speaking at a Dottie Walter’s Magnificent Marketing Symposium in Hollywood and was enthralled, informed and entertained by a wealth of great and practical advice. Her talk ended far too soon, she had the entire audience wanting more.” — Frank Furness (Speaker), Sales Trainer & Author. London, England

“We very much appreciate your expertise on behalf of the members of IWOSC. The presentation was a big success. The information was presented clearly, and you answered the questions beautifully. The feedback is excellent.” — Gary Young, Independent Writers of Southern California

“One of the best decisions I ever made was signing up and attending Gayl Murphy’s fast moving and informative seminar on how to ‘tell it to sell in’, which provided me with invaluable tips and critiques that are priceless. I give Gayl’s seminars a ‘thumbs up’ for anyone who is serious about promoting their business using media.” — Rose Colombo, Author

“Wow Gayl! Your seminars are incredibly informative. Your information is universal and it relates to EVERYONE! It’s direct, gets to the point and can be applied immediately. It works! What a great experience.” — Lynn Marks, Assoc. Producer of “DIVORCE, The Musical”

“Your seminar, approach and honesty is a breath of fresh air! You do not berate, gloss over, coddle or schmooze anyone coming in for your opinion or direction. Your direct, frank style tempered with humor and tidbits of life is great!” — Cynthia Orsini-Dahl, Art Agent

“I was absolutely captivated by Gayl’s amazing talent and message. I learned so much.” — Ernie Weckbach, Los Angeles Book Publicists

“Gayl’s course is a must for anyone interested in any sort of public life or needs publicity for their project. Her seminar gives you the tools you need to stand out while not being overbearing. You will learn how the media thinks, how to work with them, and what they need to help you to successfully promote your project or skill. I can directly equate hundreds of successful interviews to Gayl’s Teachings!” — Dr. Dennis W. Neder, Author of Being a Man in a Woman’s World

“Thanks for your outstanding class! I was there to learn how to give better interviews and what I learned is that when you interview, you give your subject your undivided attention. No acting about it. You appeared totally interested, thoughtful and concerned like you were in the Zone.” — Karen Little (New York), LittleViews.com

“I really enjoyed your presentation at our Financial Women International meeting. You had very practical actionable tactics.” — First Collateral Services

“Gayl, it was such a treat to be at your seminar. Your teaching methods are not only informative, easy to assimilate and quick to implement, but you are funny as heck!” — Susan Kennington, Actress, Marketing/PR Agent

“Gayl, thank you for helping make our NSA SPEAK LIKE A PRO DAY one of the best events in our chapter’s history! The feedback about the program was terrific, and you were an important part in making the day such a success. Your Interview Tactics! session was an integral part of our program and you did us proud! The attendees commented that you were a wealth of information.” — National Speakers Association, San Diego Chapter

“Thanks for the tele-seminar last week. I made a “to-do” list for myself after the call!” — Dr. Katie, DrKatie.com

“Gayl, Thank you so much, I was enlightened by your presentation today. I’ll start incorporating your methods, so I can market myself more effectively.” — Ken Wood Photography

“Your ‘Interview Tactics!’ tele-seminar was a profound event in my life and I am so grateful to you. Your enormous amount of knowledge on interviewing is a precious gift to me. I am also grateful to Alex Carroll who emailed me about your teleconference. Thanks a million.”— Brenda J. Ervin, Barn Door Publishing, Swartz Creek, MI

“I really enjoyed Thursday’s ‘Interview Tactics!’ tele-seminar with Alex Mandossian. I looking forward to putting your advice into practice.” — Mardessa Smith, Stone Mountain, GA

“Great ‘Interview Tactics!’ tele-seminar. Great advice. Thank you, thank you.” — Elsom Eldridge, Jr., Author, Speaker “How to Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert”

“Gayl, my partner and I are just starting to use the media, so your ‘Interview Tactics!’ tele-seminar was perfect! Great interview and who better than Alex Mandossian to interview you?” – John Jamieson, England

“Gayl, thanks for your talk at FWI. You have a passion for what you do and that makes all the difference.” — Cynthia J. Price, FWI, Women’s Financial Internationa

“Gayl, thank you again for your presentation to Women In Business LA. Your talk was educational, uplifting, and entertaining. I see that we have a lot to learn from you, from your book, and from your example. We really appreciate the generosity you have extended to us.”— Dr. Cathie Lippman, MD. WIB/LA

“Splendid to work with you on Frank Furness’ tele-seminar. I really enjoyed and benefited from all your answers. Very interesting to hear how things are done on your side of the pond.” — Michael Dodd, London, England

“Gayl, I caught the tele-seminar last night on ‘Finding Your Inner Publicist’. You were great! Keep up the good work.” — Lou Lollio, Los Angeles, CA

“We all need ‘road maps’ in life and you are an excellent navigator – thank you.” — Paul St John Martin, The Isle of Wight, UK

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