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Joan Meijer


Joan Meijer is a published author, a self-published author and an editor-publisher. She has written and published 20 books, and more than 75 short stories. Her new publishing company, which is only a year old, already has over 100 authors signed and 20 plus books already published. Joan talks about writing, publishing and the new world people with information face in trying to reach their market.


Lancaster, California (Southern)

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Joan Meijer SpeakingI am a published author. I have written twenty books (fiction and non-fiction) and 75 plus short stories. I am editor in chief of Itty Bitty® Publishing a subsidiary of S & P Productions, Inc. I have a BA in History from the University of Vermont, and am a former New York City Paramedic. I have been published by Doubleday, Harper San Francisco and Hay House, but I prefer self-publishing.

Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Weight Loss Book By Suzy Prudden & Joan Meijer-HirschlandIn January 2015, my sister Suzy Prudden and I opened our publishing house Itty Bitty® Publishing. One year later we have 110 authors signed with us. We have twenty books published and ten in the process of being published with another twenty in various stages of preparation. Our business includes building a writing community. We wanted to be a different kind of publishing house, a house that helps our writers market their books without nickel ‘n’ diming them to death, and we are succeeding. We conduct masterminds and workshops on marketing, we teach our authors to become speakers, hook them up with cutting edge website developers and help them use their books to build or expand their own small businesses.

Over the years I have done many different things. I was a dancer, actress, opera singer, I was heavily into politics and community action, I helped develop a prototype FAST Squad for small rural towns which allowed them to care for their sick and injured while waiting for a distant ambulance to reach them. I co-directed the Internship program for the Ford Foundation. I have served on numerous boards of trustees for non-profit organizations and Boards of Directors for corporations. I have written articles and a syndicated column. Nothing that I have done in the past has been as satisfying as founding and developing Itty Bitty® Publishing.

Itty Bitty® Publishing

My sister and I have learned over the years that fewer and fewer people read. They haven’t the time, they haven’t the interest. We decided to write books that impart serious information on a great number of topics in a way that is easy-to-read. Each of our books is limited to 15 steps to learning. Each step is only two pages. On the first page is the basic information in numbered sentences. The second page is back up information for the first page in bullet point sentences. Our books do not contain stories, case histories or padding of any kind. They are “itty bitty” in size, but powerful in the information they deliver.


Why Self-Publishing Is The Best Thing For Writers Since Cut Bread

Self-publishing breaks the gate keeping model that has limited opportunities for authors in the past. Self-publishing has rules you have to learn and live within.

In this presentation, your audience will learn:

• What self-publishing companies do and don’t do …
Do your due diligence on reputable self-publishers
Why Genres are important and how to figure which genre you’re writing in
Why you need someone else to proof your book
How to write an autobiography that isn’t an autobiography
Using pen names
Things to focus on developing for self publishing (i.e., keywords, bios, descriptions)
What are ISBN numbers, ASIN designations, what does BISAC mean?
Simple places to promote yourself – author central
Is social media a good place to sell books?
Using many platforms. Ingram Spark, Create Space, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Nook,
I-Tunes, Drqaft2Digital, Smashwords
Why you HAVE to market your book even if you work with a publisher


Joan is quite the author and has written several books under her own name and a few pen names as well. Check out some of her titles below:

Anthrax: A Cassandra Williams, MD Medical Thriller by John Russell (pen name)

The President’s Dirty Little Secret by John Russell (Pen Name)

Accidental Consequences by John Russell (pen name)

The Provenance by Joan Meijer

Relentless: The Search For Typhoid Mary by Joan Meijer

Date Rape: It’s Not Your Fault by Joan Meijer

The Character Book by Joan Meijer

How To Write A Book That Positions You As An Expert In Your Field by Joan Meijer

MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

MetaFitness Second Edition” by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

Suzy Prudden’s One Stop Diet Revolution by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

Body Wisdom by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer

Starting Right: Suzy Prudden’s Fitness Program For Children 5-11 by Suzy Prudden and Joan Meijer-Hirschland

Adventure-Cise With Suzy Prudden by Joan Meijer (wrote the short stories that formed the audio. Suzy Prudden recorded the audio.

Hard Hats by Jillian Russell (pen name)

Ghost Bride: A Story of Undying Love by Jillian Russell (pen name)


“Joan Meijer is an ideal strategic partner for an author looking to get published in today’s world. Her work as an editor proved instrumental in my endeavor to take my book from drawing board to actual publication. She has an uncanny ability to separate the wheat from the chaff while maintaining the integrity of the author’s content. I know from personal experience that Joan is a dedicated continuous learner and a voracious interpolator of information that is going to serve her authors in valuable ways. She makes it her business to identify and comprehend those things in the Information Age that are going to set her authors up for total success. This is a truly amazing asset for her authors. When it comes to public speaking, Joan is unparalleled in engaging her audience and bringing authentic value to the table. Her laugh is infectious and her ability to infuse knowledge with enthusiasm puts Joan at the very head of the class. She is truly an amazing person and a keenly insightful professional with an incredible amount of wisdom and guidance to offer. A+ …” — Stephen C., CSP, Health and Safety Professional, Author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Safety Book

“Over the past 9 months Joan has encouraged me and kept me moving in the right direction for my book. Whenever I got stuck all I had to do was call her and before I knew it she had me going in the right direction. As an editor I was blessed to have her. She has a genuine concern for you as the author. In the Mastermind workshops or on the phone calls, Joan always had great information she would teach and share. Her style and expertise always left me with so much knowledge because she is a good, clear communicator. I highly recommend Joan as an editor and speaker.” — Jade Elizabeth Author, Reiki Master, Author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Self-Esteem Book

“I have had the pleasure of working with Joan Meijer for about a year now as the publisher of my book. Also, about once a quarter Joan conducts a Mastermind meeting with all her authors. She has been wonderful in presenting, teaching, and coaching. She is so knowledgeable, smart and has a great stage presence in a way that is not intimidating. She makes you feel comfortable and breaks things down in easy bite size information for everyone to understand in a way that makes you feel inspired to go do it. She is also very funny which makes the time go by so fast because we have so much fun with her. I would highly recommend Joan as a speaker.” — Jacqueline T.D. Huynh, Author, Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Family Leadership Book

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$500 – $2,500