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Noa Schecter


Noa has spent most of her life helping others, both personally and professionally. Noa mentors adolescents, teens, and adults, in addition to conducting Leadership and Business Ethics programs where her students attain leadership, communications, and effective social skills.

Communication, Ethics & Values, Leadership, Relationships

Beverly Hills, California (Southern)

, $2,500 – $5,000




Noa Schecter Professional Speaker & Coach
Noa’s Mission

Everyone has a spark, and Noa’s unrelenting goal is first and foremost providing guidance for individuals to ignite their own spark. This can often signal the moment where we find our life’s purpose, and more importantly, this is the departure point for the next step, sharing your light/gift with others and with the world.

Noa’s Background

Noa Schecter has spent most of her life helping others, both personally and professionally. As a certified iPEC Coach and NLP Master Practitioner Noa coaches and mentors adolescents, teens, and adults. She helps them find the solutions they need to live a more prosperous life. Noa has been living in the Los Angeles area for the last twenty years, where she currently teaches foreign language at a local private high school.

Along with teaching languages Noa runs a Leadership and Business Ethics program where the students attain leadership, communication, and social skills. Students use the skills learned in Noa’s program throughout their careers, while obtaining the confidence to reach their goals and to be successful in their chosen fields and in achieving their purpose in life. Noa also works with a group of students in her Advisory class to develop critical thinking and communication skills. ”Change your thoughts, change your life” is her motto. She strongly believes in “Empowering human relationships through communications.”

Noa’s Coaching

As a certified iPEC Coach and NLP Master Practitioner Noa mentors and coaches teens and adults. Noa uses different techniques that help her clients find the solutions they need to live a more prosperous and abundant life.

Taking into account that the first step can be a difficult task, Noa partners with her clients as someone they can take their first steps with, assuring them that they are not alone and that there is no reason for them to fear. The partnership allows for positive changes.


Noa Schecter Professional SpeakerNoa excels at providing high-impact, accelerated learning seminars in a fun, safe and supportive environment that provide practical life skills, clarity on current results, and confidence to create long-lasting change.


How To Move From Ordinary To Extraordinary
Dealing with the inner game and fears for optimal results.

From Thoughts To Transformation
Four simple steps to be and have what you want!

The Power Of Happiness
What it means to live a happy life and how to achieve it.

Secrets To Life Mastery
How to change negative habits into empowering rituals.

From Stress To Success
How to release stress and get the success you want.

The Seven Essentials for Effective Communication
Critical skills that open doors of opportunity.

From Potential To Opportunity
How to recognize and seize opportunities.

Strong for Life
Helping parents to work with their teenagers.

Unlock The Secrets Of The Goddess (For Women Only)
How to be strong and feminine at the same time.


• Improve communication with oneself and loved ones …
Accept gratitude, and give gratitude, as way to achieve life-changing energy
Give forgiveness, be generous to yourself, and learn to move forward
Discover the leader within you and become the leader you want to be
Empower yourself and your surroundings
Embrace and appreciate change as part of a growing process
Discover your passion in life
Use your passion in a constructive and positive way that can elevate you
Ways to be successful in your life’s journey
Accept challenges with confidence as a part of a learning/personal growth process
Set goals and follow through by taking actions
Be an Active Listener
Let go of negative emotions and embrace positive emotions
Create new habits that will empower and transform your life …


Noa’s presentations are perfect for …

• Businesses / Business Owners

• Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups

Legal / Law Enforcement

Parental Groups

Students (High School / College)

Teachers / Faculty (High School / College)

Noa Schecter Training & Speaking

Noa Schecter Speaking In Front Of Audiences


Here are some of the various events, trainings, networks, non-profits and groups that Noa is a part of. You can find more photos of her “in action” at her website.

Noa Schecter Pofessional Coach & Speaker.jpg

Noa Schecter New Peaks - Guerrilla Business School

Noa Schecter Presenting To Teens

Noa Schecter Pofessional Speaker with Brian Tracy

Noa Schecter Fundraising & Charity Events

Noa Schecter Pofessional Speaker Being Photographed


Noa runs a Leadership and Business Ethics program in high school where the students attain leadership, communications, and social skills, while obtaining the confidence to reach their goals and to be successful in many aspects of life.  All of the projects listed below were created by the leadership students. Would you like something similar conducted with your group of students or community business leaders? Contact Noa today!

Milken Got Talent. Event held for 400 hundred people which raised about $13k that went to support four non-profit teen organizations.

Webinar. Conversation about Love and Relationships.

A Day In The Life of Rose Rios. A project that helped Rose Rios feed homeless in South Central, Los Angeles.  Because of this movie we were able to help Rose receive a donation of $10k and they bought her a van that she’s using to feed more people. Noa and a student went to Compton to film that day.

2012 South Central Holiday Toy Drive. Performed on behalf of Rose Rios. Noa reached out to the community with the leadership class from Milken. They gave away over 4,000 toys that were raised by the Milken High School Community.


“Noa has assisted me with overcoming some communication issues and blocks that I was not able to see. Her ability to help me see I had all the answers but wasn’t able to see that was invaluable. I truly enjoyed the coaching experience with her. She has helped me set goals that I have achieved and in such a painless way too!” Wendy R., Los Angeles, CA, Do Love Right

“Noa is an incredibly empathetic person and a wonderful mentor to everyone she encounters. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the past four years, as a teacher, a mentor, and as a friend, and I can honestly say she is one of the most caring and supportive individuals I have ever met. The way she kindly but strongly pushes you to achieve your goals and take control of your life is something I know I admire, and after meeting with her, I know you will too.” Sepora M., Los Angeles, CA

“She has such a positive influence on her students and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful educator at our school. It is not often that you will have a teacher who goes so much out of her way to be there for her students and make sure that they are on the right path to success. Noa is not just an educator, but also a great friend who we can always count on in any situation. Not only is my son lucky to have her, but I feel that I am lucky too. I have a friend who I know I can rely on and know that she is always there for me if I need any help.” — Kathy P., Los Angeles, CA

“Throughout my years at Milken Community High School, I have had the opportunity to work with Noa, both in and out of the classroom. organizations. Throughout our collaborative work on this developing venture, Noa has truly taught me how to become both a leader and student teacher. As she has developed extensive knowledge in the field of life coaching, Noa has worked to help me create, identify, and achieve personal life goals.” — Josh W., Los Angeles, CA

Noa has the natural ability to bring out the best in her clients and teaches them practical tools they could use to not only increase the quality of their lives but everyone around them. It was a pleasure to work with Noa. She is very generous with her gifts and talents because of her desire to make a positive impact in everyone she comes across.” Daniel S., Long Beach, CA, Behavioral Interventionist

Noa has been a mentor and teacher of mine for years. She’s a highly effective coach who’s deeply committed to serving others. When I’m not sure where to turn, I look to her for the right answers. Noa has a gift and she wants to help you find yours.” Chase M., Los Angeles, CA, Internet Marketer

“Noa is an amazing human being with a big heart. She is a gifted coach and facilitator who posses the intuition and insight to help people move past their limiting beliefs. She’ll inspire and motivate you all the way to the next level.” Daniel A., Los Angeles, CA, LCSW, MS

“Noa is enormously talented and has been a great help to my family. She knows how to mediate when we can’t see eye to eye, and is good at helping us come out of a conflict happier and closer. She genuinely wants to see people reach their full potential and is great at helping people find ways to make their lives more productive and prosperous. I am so grateful to have her guidance.” Camille., Los Angeles, CA, Artist

310-925-8992 TEL


Beverly Hills,
California (Southern)

$2,500 – $5,000


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Noa Schecter


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