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Sweta Patel


Sweta is a popular, young marketing maiden and she loves to share her marketing wisdom and expertise with those that want to see their brand identity come to life, manage their reputation and create more brand awareness than they had before they met Sweta.

Internet Marketing, Social Media, Technology

Redwood City, California (Northern)

$2,500 – $5,000




Sweta Patel Speaking At NAAPSweta Patel is a young, leading entrepreneur and expert in mass marketing, and the founder of GLOBAL MARKETING TACTICS. Sweta spends a lot of time on the “web stage,” not just the “speaking stage” giving power point presentations. Her passion is to teach companies how they can leverage from different marketing techniques to meet their marketing initiatives.

She was fortunate enough to speak in front of more than 10,000 women business owners, and she gives the most dynamic interactive presentations in the industry. Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands. Her favorite was Bonamour International because they were able to build the most leads in a matter of a couple months. In addition, they increased their ROI by 23% by executing no cost tactics.

Sweta has brought success to many national brands with her marketing campaigns. Sweta knows it is a long-term process, and wants to share the insights gained through working with corporations. How can your company improve their marketing initiatives and save money?

Sweta will help you analyze your company’s goals and evaluate the changes necessary to meet your goals. Your organization’s marketing outlook will be refined and potentially reshaped so you can work as an effective team to create a successful ROI.

Sweta Patel Has Spoken At These Companies


Sweta PatelSome of Sweta’s presentations include:

Jump Start Marketing Strategies For The Real-World

It is difficult not to take marketing out from the “budget” list. Why is that a bad idea? Sweta will go through the different marketing strategies that have created a large ROI for Corporations she has worked with. She will go through a step-by-step process on how companies structure the marketing department to become more profitable.

Your Organization will learn:

  • How to customize your marketing strategies for your business …
  • Marketing strategies that will create a positive ROI for the year …
  • Different campaign ideas to get your audience involved …
  • Building loyal customers instead of just customers …
  • Increasing your brand awareness …

Marketing In A Saturated Marketplace

This presentation training will provide marketing development strategies and how you can connect them to online marketing strategies to become more profitable. Traditional marketing is not dead it has just been structured differently to be combined with online marketing strategies. When you think about all the different campaigns you could implement, along with the many different combinations, the number of campaigns you could implement becomes virtually endless. How do you combine the two so your business profits? Companies keep jumping onto the online marketing bandwagon, but they seem to forget, traditional marketing is not dead.

Your Organization will learn:

  • Marketing myths debunked and how you can improve your campaign …
  • Creating a solid marketing campaign with offline and online components …
  • Searching for your biggest influencers online and offline …
  • How to dominate your competition …
  • How to keep wining business and creating new strategies …

How Online Marketing Can Create A Positive R.O.I.

Sweta’s clients were pretty jaded by the work other marketing companies had completed for them. She was able to turn around their campaigns and show them how online marketing works in their favor. Some of her clients gave up after only 6 months, but they didn’t realize that in online marketing you can’t give up. You will lose if you give up. There are new networks and ways to connect with people coming out everyday. How can you stay up to date and still have fun?

Your Organization will learn:

  • Increasing your customer acquisition …
  • Creating online campaigns that are fun for you and the customer …
  • Increasing your database with quality leads …
  • Increasing the traffic to your website and the quality of your traffic …
  • How to become a online marketing superstar without time being an issue …

Sweta Patel, Founder of Global Marketing TacticsIDEAL AUDIENCES

  • College & University Audiences (All Female / All Male / Coed)
  • Women In Business Wanting Technology Training
  • Business Owners Who Want To Learn More About Technology
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want To Learn More About Technology


Here’s what others have to say about Sweta Patel, her presentations, trainings, messages conveyed and audience reactions …

“You were amazing, Sweta! You are a dynamic speaker and a total expert on Social media. Everyone loved your presentation. Every group and corporation across the country, that wants their members to be more up on social media, needs to bring you in as a speaker. You are one of the best I have heard on the topic. You certainly know your stuff.” – Robbie Motter, Business Owner

“Sweta taught our PR staff how to use her Internet marketing strategies to benefit our clients. After implementing her strategies, we were able to see a big difference in the satisfaction of all our clientele. Sweta was able to use her marketing tactics and strategies and create industry-specific marketing campaigns. Then she taught the staff how we could implement their campaigns so we could meet the KPI (key performance indicators) for their business. Thanks for all your help, Sweta. I would recommend you to any public relations agency out there. I find that many of them could use your expertise.” – Robert S. (Former Senior Director at Qualcomm)

Kansas State UniversityKansas State University”Sweta Patel’s workshop, Giving Up:The Popular Option, really made me see that there were several things in my life that could prevent me from fulfilling my goals and aspirations. Not just things in the classroom, but things related to my physical health and mental wellness. Also, I learned the value of branding and showing potential employers what I, as an individual, also bring to their company. I truly learned a lot, which I can take with me, not only as a student, but as a person. – Jamerye Paulin, Student Leader

“I went to one of Sweta’s presentations at the Marriott Hotel. Before, I went there I was already having a terrible day, because my boyfriend and I had just broken up. Sweta was able to cure myrelationship blues with her hysterical presentation. At one point, she told everyone, ‘Well, there is no problem with you going out with a guy, but you don’t have to go ALL the way to being naked with him …’ I found that to be one of her great speaking points. I grew up in a family without a father-figure. Sweta’s presentation and her book saved me a lot of future heartaches. I would recommend her books to any young woman who is struggling; not having a father figure in her life.” – Kimberly M., Student Leader

“Sweta Patel, I am so glad I hired you! At first, I was a bit skeptical … i.e., you being from Southern California and I being from Northern California. 🙂 With all your great recommendations, I am so happy I did decide to hire you. My business is doing better than ever. Before I started working with you, I only had about one to two customers a week. Now, I am pulling in 40 hours a week with new clients booking and re-booking with me! Without your marketing skills, I would probably still be paying for marketing tactics that wouldn’t have been working; and only having one to two customers a week. I wanted to thank you so much. I am so happy that my business is doing great.” – Angeline Branscum (Beauty Business)

“I go to San Diego State University, and everything Sweta touched upon in her presentation was refreshing. I grew up in a household with strong family values. When I came to college everything had shifted for me. I was caught in many different circumstances that went against everything my parents had taught me. The party scene was one of my favorite weekend activities. Sweta also helped me find my passion, and thereafter, I started working towards that every weekend instead of hitting up the party scene and getting wasted. It saved me money, my heart, and time that I would spend watching everyone get trashed. Sweta’s books made a huge impact in my life and my family thanks her for it very much.” – Mariah O., Student Leader

“I studied psychology at UCLA, and I must say, Sweta’s talk blew my mind. She touched upon so many points that were never taught in any of my college courses. I was able to grasp the passion in her voice, and her story touched my heart. One of the things I enjoyed about Sweta’s speech was her experience in so many of the topics related to her books. The tragic event that made her the person she is today was inspiring! Now, I am motivated to make a difference in my own lifestyle today, thanks Sweta! I would highly recommend you go and see her speak if you ever get the chance.” – Allison L., Student Leader

“Sweta came into the room giving everyone a shock before her presentation began. She got everyone in the room moving and thinking about their life choices. The different diagrams and before/after charts in her presentations made an impact on my life. I was able to understand the dynamics of protecting your heart and why it is so important in today’s society. Then, she went into‘how we got here’, and that was mind-blowing. I never knew so many events could lead up to the society we are in now. You will have to watch her presentation for the solution. Sorry, I can’t give that away! Thanks Sweta and I hope more colleges hire you because their students need to hear your story!” – Jasmine B., Student Leader

“What a presentation! Sweta went over so many different marketing strategies for Realtors that they were all overwhelmed at the end of the presentation. We had to invite Sweta back again, because they got so much out of her business advice! I would recommend Sweta to any organization that needs major marketing help. She will be able to renovate your whole marketing strategy so it actually creates long-lasting results for your business.” – Steve J., Century 21

“Sweta talked about ‘where have all the good men gone?’ The title of her presentation was so catchy I had to attend. I been on many online dating websites, but have not found anyone through them. I wanted to know where have all the gentlemen gone and how can we bring them back. Sweta had the exact solution to this mess and with her experience I could relate to everything she had encountered in her life. Sweta you are intelligent when it comes to going out with men in the real world. I’d tell every young women to listen to what she has to say because it will open your eyes to a road that is much manageable than the one you are on right now!” – Mary S., Student Leader

“I can tell you one thing, and that is Sweta is a true professional in marketing. I couldn’t believe how she helped so many realtors get their act together when it came to marketing their business. She goes over everything a business needs to know in order to see results. We were able to get the attendees to implement all of her steps, and they worked! I hope more corporate organizations hire you, Sweta! Why? They need your expertise to help reach their business goals and marketing iniatives.” – Mark H., Prudential

“Sweta spoke at one of our leadership symposium events, and she had a fun marketing presentation for all our aspiring entrepreneurs. Sweta’s experience with national brands left the audience with more strategies than they could write down! Her content was valuable for many of the attendees. In fact, that may have been what they needed to jumpstart their own business. Thanks for all your help Sweta. We all thought your presentation was interactive, humorous and educational!” – Stephanie N., NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals)

“I am impressed by what Sweta has accomplished in such a short time! Her story was amazing and touching. I could relate to many of her messages. When I walked into the room I thought this was going to be some boring lecture on sex, but it was the total opposite! I enjoyed her stories, humor and how she was personable with me. Sweta’s story inspired me to tell her my story of how I went to heck and back. She was very understanding, and helped me through many different walks of life. I feel honored to have met Sweta and develop a friendship with her!” – Penny R., Student Leader

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Redwood City
California (Northern)

$2,500 – $5,000


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