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Tanya Brown


The murder of Tanya’s sister, Nicole Brown-Simpson, elevated her concern on the issues of domestic violence and toxic relationships. It is her life mission to raise awareness on where it starts and where it can end. In Tanya’s presentations, she reveals some of her sister’s intimate thoughts and the turmoil she went through living in such a violent relationship.

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Tanya BrownWhen people think of Tanya it is often in connection with the murder of her sister Nicole Brown Simpson. Tanya will always speak on domestic violence, but she wants people to know what really happened to her as a result of her sister’s murder.

What people do not know is that she suffered a mental breakdown TEN years after that experience. This breakdown placed her in an in-patient and out-patient program for many month, all caused from lack of coping skills. Tanya knows that dark place than many people don’t want to face. Her motto is, “Talk It Out, Loud” and along with coping skills, one can take control of their mental health.

Through her personal experiences and professional education, she helps others develop effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Today, she does workshops and coaching using her own Tanya’s Tools For Change as well as the Midwest Center Conquering Stress and Anxiety program to guide others toward mental health and prevent or manage mental illness. Her goal is to guide individuals to acknowledge their despair and turn their obstacles into opportunities. She emphasizes the significance of proper self-care in achieving and sustaining an optimal quality of life.

Tanya encourages her audience to recognize and acknowledge their personal struggles, in order to avoid overload and/or a mental health breakdown. Tanya has her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is a certified life coach who helps others help themselves by providing tools for heightened mental clarity and awareness. She empowers her clients to remain disciplined and focused so they will reach their ultimate goal of optimum mental wellness.


Intimate Partner Violence speaker on College Campuses and Battered Women Shelters for 17 years.

  • Keynote address for the 6th Annual World Conference to Prevent Mental Illness and Promote Mental Health in Washington D.C.
  • Keynote address for The Mood Disorder Association of Winnipeg, Canada
  • Keynote address to The Family Youth Round Table in San Diego, CA
  • Shared her story with the students of a Homicide/ Suicide Psychology class at The University California, Irvine
  • Keynote speaker for the doctors of Mission South Coast Medical Center in Laguna Beach, CA
  • On a quarterly basis, Tanya encourages and empowers patients in the outpatient program at Mission South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Keynote address (Concentrate On Personal Expectations) for Women’s Week in San Diego, CA


  • Personally survived a mental breakdown. An experience that forced her to do the self-work necessary for survival.
  • Launched TanyaBrown.net to empower people to come forward and talk about and release their emotional challenges.
  • Educating the community on facing issues, stressors and anxiety to prevent drug use and prescription drug overdoses with Jodi Barber with OneChoiceCanDestroy.com.
  • Supporting PLUS: Peer Leaders Uniting Students (anti-bullying) for over 4 years
  • Currently creating a digital learning program (DVD and Manual) that offers tools for self-care; including: stress management, mindful-based stress reduction, cognitive restructuring; time management; and goal setting.
  • Contributing author of Stepping Stones to Success, an anthology book to be released early 2010.
  • Currently completing Tanya’s personal story. (Working Title: I Snapped!)


  • Domestic Violence Counselor; August 23, 1997
  • Domestic Violence Court Advocate; March 19, 1997
  • Certified Life Management Coach; March 25, 2001
  • Trained by Blue Shield of America on: What to do When Domestic Violence Comes to the Workplace; November 11, 2002


  • Consulting with Universities, victims of domestic violence and shelters for battered women for ten years.
  • Life coaching individuals since 2001.
  • Offers resources to survivors of domestic violence and those suffering from mental illness.
  • Ross Szabo of The National Mental Health Awareness Campaign (NoStigma.org) to gain insight on the world of Mental Health.
  • Ambassador of the Blue Ribbon; Who I Am Makes A Difference Campaign; Encinitas, CA


  • Argosy University, Orange County, CA. B.A., Counseling Psychology – Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Graduated Magna Cum-Laude
  • Argosy University, Orange County, CA. M.A., Counseling Psychology – Emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Here are a few presentation topics Tanya can deliver to your chosen audience:

Tanya Brown SpeakingPRESENTATION TOPIC #1
The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence, Where It Starts and Where It Can End.

This presentation is vital to anyone who wants to learn the dynamics of domestic violence. Tanya’s approachable demeanor engages her audience. In this presentation, Tanya shares how a violent relationship may start and where it CAN end. Along with Carolyn Inman, Tanya has identified “The Sneaky Seven Characters of Abuse” to help one understand that abuse is more than physical. In addition, she shares her own personal stories and includes diary entries from her murdered sister, Nicole.

Surviving The Trial of The LAST Century: As the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, Tanya shares the dynamics of what personally occurred in the midst of the National Media Circus otherwise known as The Trial of The Century. She candidly shares her disbelief how someone can hurt someone they claim to love and how years after she finally felt her own grief. Tanya also shares her personal experiences with controlling relationships as well as journal entries of her sister’s diary.

Bounce Back From Adversity: Self-Care Strategies
for Optimal Life Balance

Tanya will encourage you to look at the way you manage life and decrease stress. In this powerful presentation Tanya shares key strategies including managing time effectively, identifying triggers, embracing an attitude of gratitude, conquering stress, living authentically and more. Once you put one, two, five or all twelve to work in your daily life, you will see and feel the decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Managing your life and self-care are critical and essential when coping with daily life adversities. Make the choice to be the person you want to be!

tanya-brown-speaking-02PRESENTATION TOPIC #3

Tanya’s experience as an inpatient and outpatient in a behavioral psychiatric unit, she learned the tools that are necessary for optimal mental health. Through her personal experiences and professional education, she helps others develop effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Her goal is to guide individuals to acknowledge their despair and turn their obstacles into opportunities. She emphasizes the significance of proper self-care in achieving and sustaining an optimal quality of life.

Finding Peace Amid YOUR Chaos: This inspirational message will encourage your audience to recognize their own internal battles so they can take charge of their own life. Finding Peace Amid the Chaos is a personal story of how masking pain, struggles and life challenges can lead a person to a dark space that may feel impossible to overcome. Tanya will encourage and empower your audience to talk about their challenges. Attendees will gain effective coping skills to prevent depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide.

Finding Peace Amid College Chaos. Tanya shares her personal story about the critical nature of having coping skills during college life in order to have balance, happiness, health and success. Tanya engages her audience by being completely open with her depression and she ultimately made a decision to control her personal, professional and academic career.

Finding Peace Amid Corporate Chaos: This presentation was inspired by Tanya’s days as a temporary receptionist in the corporate world. She observed the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and irritability that many people were exhibiting. From this experience, The Corporate Survival Guide was born. The guide is to help employees manage life, work and play by offering 20 tips on how to stay calm and present to increase productivity and efficiency.


  • Horry-Georgetown Technical College; Conway SC
  • Keynote address for the 6th Annual World Conference to Prevent Mental Illness and Promote Mental Health in Washington D.C.
  • Mount SAC, Pomona, CA
  • Community College Association; presentation on Teacher Appreciation
  • University Valley Utah; presentation on Domestic Violence to the college students
  • Eastern Oklahoma State College; presentation on domestic violence
  • Eastern Wyoming College; presentation on domestic violence prevention
  • Iowa Lakes Community College; presentation on Domestic Violence
  • California University of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania

Tanya Brown has a compelling story to tell, complete with lessons, tips and insights to help those who need her expert advice.

Tanya Brown Speaking At The Health Summit



As you can see, Tanya’s been on a variety of television shows, talk shows, appeared at numerous events to speak and share her story and insights on hope and overcoming the struggles many people face in their life.


Check out these videos, and other videos at Tanya’s website, where Tanya discusses several topics relating to presentations she can give to your audience.


If you’ve experienced trauma or major adversity – and who hasn’t – then you know how it feels to need a helping hand like the one celebrity author Tanya Brown offers in her books. Flip through the pages and you may see your own story, or the story of someone you know. What you read could save your life.

Tanya Brown Book Signing

The Seven Characters of Abuse

In her new book about abusive relationships, celebrity author Tanya Brown lets readers in on how to identify a relationship that is characterized by abuse. She uses her education in psychological counseling and her personal experience to guide her work.  As the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, has been at the forefront of the dialogue on the handling of domestic violence, and is an expert on the subject. The book provides a clear picture of what abuse looks like and what to do about it.

Finding Peace Amid The Chaos by Tanya Brown

As with Tanya’s book about depression, Finding Peace Amid the Chaos, the main message of The Seven Characters of Abuse is to face the issues in life as they come up in the moment, and ask for help when needed. Tanya herself is dedicated to ending the stigma attached to victims of domestic violence so they feel more free to come forward. She has taken her own personal lessons and translated them into universal life management techniques that can be used to overcome life-challenging situations like domestic violence, and the intense emotions surrounding them. For those who are involved in abusive relationships in any way — as professionals in the field of domestic violence, as those who are victims or family members of victims suffering abuse –this book on abusive relationships will not only inform, it will provide concrete assistance.,

Finding Peace Amid The Chaos

Depression is a real disease – disabling and life-threatening – and a reported 350 million people suffer from it worldwide. You might read a book about depression or you can read about a way to manage depression from taking over your life. In Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide by Celebrity Author Tanya Brown will be a comfort to those suffering from this debilitating disease and it will inspire those to take charge and step out from it.

Finding Peace Amid the Chaos by Tanya Brown

Finding Peace Amid The Chaos chronicles Tanya’s journey from being a confused and troubled student and daughter in a hard-working, dynamic family to the sudden cancellation of her wedding in 2004. After a mental breakdown, Tanya got the help she needed through three months of hard work in a psychiatric unit. The book details depression and how she coped with it. Now she takes her story and the lessons she learned from it to people who can use the same kind of help. She’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


“On several occasions, throughout Tanya Miller’s matriculation at Georgia Southwestern State University, I listened to him speak to faculty, staff, students, student leaders and to K-12 students in our community’s public school system. On all occasions, he was prepared. He always engaged his audience with high energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. Tanya was also “on-point” with his message, whatever the occasion. And his audience always seemed to enjoy and embrace his message; based upon how they responded, either on a specific point he shared, and/or after his speech was completed. Consequently, on the basis of what I witnessed, over extensive time, I would consider Tanya Brown to be a young, energetic and dynamic speaker.” — Dr. Sam M., Ph.D., V.P. For Student Affairs, Georgia Southwestern State Univ.

“I am very proud of the excellent work that you are doing in your community. With your commitment to domestic violence research and assistance, significant progress has been achieved. Thanks to you, victims of domestic violence have more options and safe havens to turn to in times of need.” — Loretta Sanchez, Member of Congress

“Tanya’s message was not only well perceived by our women students, but our male students as well. She sticks to the facts and the issues of domestic violence and does not come across as a male basher.” — Tim Susick, Dean for Student Development, California University of Pennsylvania

“Real, Passionate, Dedicated and Tuned In, Tanya is a dedicated professional that has made a huge difference in the lives of many. Â For real answers, real results and the best in the industry, Tanya is the one to work with. Her hard hitting presentations have always been a favorite at the San Diego Women’s Week conference year after year and she is only one of three speakers that have been asked back each year.” — Debra Rosen, President and CEO | San Diego North Chamber of Commerce

“We hosted Tanya at our annual Clinical Update and Psychopharmacology Review Conference in Fayetteville North Carolina. Her presentation on domestic violence was informative, on target, and heartfelt. It was powerful to hear from a family member on the direct impact that domestic violence can have, not only on the person suffering, but also on the entire family dynamic. Tanya was engaging, and personable in her interactions with the audience, and was able to connect with those present. It was a joy to work with her, and we’ve already had people ask how to contact her for presentations in their community.” — John T. Bigger, MS, LPC, Administrator of Mental Health Continuing Education

“I could manage life’s general stressors, but I didn’t have a template to manage agony. When my son acquired a brain disease, I grieved, suffered and agonized for years over a plethora of circumstance I had “no control over”. I eventually became emotionally numb, stuck, and unable to identify my own feelings and needs. Tanya helped me uncover self-sabotaging behaviors and set me on a strong path of self-love and care. Through her daily coaching and homework, I was able to identify what I was feeling and subsequently needing. I’d been punishing and robbing myself of joy that was unconsciously conjoined with deep feelings of grief and sorrow. Through her guidance, I slowly began to override my natural reactions of worry and despair with supernatural responses of faith, hope, acceptance and gratitude. Today, despite my circumstances, I’m more positively focused and can now interrupt unwanted thoughts and emotional patterns.” — Mary P., RN

“As a professor in the Master’s Program, I taught a class on Domestic Violence and invited Tanya as a guest speaker. The class said that Tanya’s talk was the best thing about the class aside from the role plays. She has a great presence that is non-threatening and energetic at the same time. She is very knowledgeable on the topic and taught the class a lot. The class came away with the idea that intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone and that it is important to make your own emotional and physical safety a priority.” — Julie Olson, Ph.D., Argosy University, Masters of Psychology

“Tanya has helped me in so many ways with getting what I believe is my purpose in life started. She has coached me on the small things that makes people good at what they. Tanya interest and positive energy is off the charts.” — Travis McCray (Creator of the Six Week Get Back To Wholeness Program)

“Tanya! I just heard you speak tonight at JFFC, you were amazing! Thank you for doing what you are doing and being such a positive light and force. Thank you for speaking and educating the community about DV. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and work with a young adult population at Chapman University in Orange. I also have a small private practice in corona del mar and I took away many of the things you said tonight and will share them with my clients and friends. Again, Thank YOU!” — Ashley Ball

“Dear Tayna, where do I start? Firstly it was so amazing to meet you, you are the most relateable, positive, happy spirited person I have ever met. I was bragging to my neighbor , of 17 years who is like a second mom to me about this amazing inspirational speaker we had at the Success Club today, actually probably the best speaker in 4 years, she asked who the speaker was and once I told her your name she smiled, complimented you and said she and her sisters spent many hours in the Brown household. I live next door to Camie Fromm, my good high school friends are Lara, Krista and Aimee Fromm’s children. Mama Jo has been part of my childhood. Small world. Camie could not say enough wonderful things about you and your family. I just wanted to thank you so very much for everything you do and for making a difference. Many of my friends texted me saying how impactful you were today and how they could relate and needed that information. I know my Forensics teacher will be over the moon tomorrow when I tell her about your generous offer to speak to her class. You were the first speaker for the year and you set the standards very high!” — Cassie

“Tanya successfully captivated the crowd of 750 women and men with her personal delivery style and variety of material. She took time the day before the event to tour one of our shelters and eat lunch with staff and event volunteers. She listened more than she talked, demonstrating her ability to still learn about this issue as well as SafeHaven’s particular work. Her warmth and “down home” style resonated with our audience. She was neither presumptuous nor pretentious which created many new Texas friends for her.” — Mary Lee Hafley, President/CEO


Southern California
San Diego, CA

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