9 Killer Interview Tactics For Pitching YOU & Your Business!

Does this describe you? You’re an expert, author, speaker, CEO, showbiz pro, creative-entrepreneur, speaker – who charges a fee for providing a product, service, content or consultation in a particular industry or field?

Someone with a good deal of firsthand knowledge, experience, training, or experience in a particular field or activity?

If it is, then you need to get the word out! By using media, you get to tell the world who you are, what you’re selling and what problem your business, product or service solves for the people that want to buy from you!

What this means to you is, you’ve got to learn how to PITCH IT TO PROMOTE IT so you can TELL IT TO SELL IT!

MURPHY’S LAW: In 2011, media is “Anyone, or anything that has the ability to take your message and move it forward.”

To get ‘celebritized’ and start using media so you can jump on the PITCHING and PROMOTING bandwagon, you need to begin by analyzing and breaking down exactly it is that you have to offer – so you can create and deliver a KILLER PITCH for it. A killer pitch is Media Gold!

It will make the difference between – as Mark Twain so famously said, “The lightening bug and the light.”

Here are 9 INTERVIEW TACTICS! For Creating and Delivering A Killer Pitch…

1. Define your expertise in simple language. Break it down.

2. Create 2 or 3 concise messages that best describes your skill set.

3. Create a 10 second and a 20 second pitch that tells your story.

4. Prepare in advance and know what you’re going to talk about.

5. Think bullet points to keep your message and pitch concise and fluid.

6. Stay on topic and stay focused. Be specific.

7. Give details and know when they’re needed: places, names and dates.

8. Connect your pitch to a story or trend in the headlines. This makes your expertise timely, newsworthy and something people are already thinking about.

9. Relax, enjoy and take your time and have fun.  You’re the star of the ME SHOW starring YOU!

Can you confidently pitch yourself, business, product or service to the media, or a prospective client – get the deal, get in the door and get up and running?

If your answer isn’t a definitive and resounding YES, then check out my book, “Interview Tactics!”REALLY.

It’s loaded with all the media power-tools and insider techniques and tactics you need for creating and delivering winning soundbites and a killer pitch.

Murphy’s Law: “If you can’t tell your own story who can and who will?”

Gayl Murphy is The Celebritizer. A respected media and presentational coach, speaker and author of INTERVIEW TACTICS! HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED!

She media consults, trains and coaches entrepreneurs, authors, experts, executives, companies and corporations.

Gayl is also an award winning Holllywood correspondent. Her celebrity interviews, news features and Hollywood commentary have appeared on TV, radio, print and online worldwide, including ABC News, BBC News BBC5Live, SKY News  and E! among many others.

Get a Free Interview Tactics! Report at www.InterviewTactics.com 

And, if you need one-on-one, or group media coaching call me!

About Gayl Murphy, Hollywood Correspondent

Gayl Murphy is "The Celebritizer" - a Hollywood Correspondent (ABC News, BBC News, SKY News, E!), media expert and coach, speaker and author of "Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered! Gayl has interviewed over 15,000 celebrities and newsmakers for TV, radio, print and online.

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