SpeakerCafe.com is a professional speaker directory that helps bring speakers, companies and event planners together in a fast and efficient way. SpeakerCafe.com is not a speaker bureau, where speaking opportunities are found for speakers. Rather, if you’re someone or a company looking for speakers to speak at your next event, this is the place to come. All our speakers are in the open, quickly accessible to you for review and potentially book on the spot.

With a SpeakerCafe.com Directory “Profile Listing” you get WHAT YOU NEED to increase your chances of getting seen by event planners, meeting planners, event organizers, and those in charge of booking speakers for their needs.

A profile listing on SpeakerCafe.com is an advertisement of your speaker services. The more exposure you have, the better your chances of getting booked. How many meeting planners know about you and your website? Next to none. So? Broadcast your speaker services on SpeakerCafe.com and get seen!

In the speaker world, you need prolonged exposure, and a lot of exposure with samples of your work that you can showcase. A speaker listing on SpeakerCafe.com is far superior than any ad space you could possibly purchase in some magazine or on a non-speaker focused website. Typically, you would pay $50? $100? $250? $500? limited ad space? What size banner can you expect to get? How long would the ad run? One week? One month? One edition? Why not invest your speaker marketing dollars in SpeakerCafe.com to get direct exposure to a dedicated audience … in other words get more bang for your advertising dollar here!

Professional Speakers Get Listed On SpeakerCafe.com

  • Display Speaking Topic Information
  • Display Speaker Information About You
  • Display Your Contact Information
  • Link To Your Website(s)
  • Link To Your Facebook Page
  • Link To Your Twitter Feed
  • Link To Your Instagram Page
  • Link To Your Pinterest Page
  • Link To Other Social Profiles
  • Display Your Telephone Number
  • Receive Leads/Calls Directory
  • Upload Professional Head Shot
  • Upload Your Bio & More
  • Upload Your Videos
  • Upload Your Photos
  • Publish Testimonials
  • Upload Audio Files

Leisa Reid, Professional Speaker

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Frequently Asked Questions

All kinds of companies, organizations, non-profits, institutions, schools, women’s/men’s/senior groups, churches, services, speaker bureaus and even individuals who struggle to find speakers for their events, workshops, summits and seminars. You might be a great speaker, but if no one can find you or your website, know of your expertise or how to contact you, then there is a 99.9% chance that you will not get booked for an event and someone else will.

SpeakerCafe.com allows companies, schools, organizations, clubs, etc. to streamline their search for award-winning, motivational, inspirational, certified coaches/trainers/experts, and more.


Speakers who advertise on SpeakerCafe.com get a speaker profile listing including the following:

• Speaker Profile Listing
• List In Speaker Categories
• Videos & Links To Videos 
• Photo Gallery
• Book Image(s)
• Testimonials
• Articles & Posts

• Speaker Biography
• Contact Information
• Social Media Links
• Presentation Topics
• Ideal Audience
• Client Listing/Icons
• Speaker One-Sheets


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Of course! Click here to see a sample speaker listing on SpeakerCafe.com. Do note, this is only a sample. For live samples all you have to do is to explore our speaker directory to find other examples of what is possible when it comes to creating your speaker listing on SpeakerCafe.com.

You might not know this, but having a listing on SpeakerCafe.com might help you increase your search engine ranking for either your name and/or your website. Why is this important? For starters, if your website isn’t found online when people search for common key words related to your speaking topics, you lose out on them learning more about you and potentially inquiring about your speaker services. Well, with a paid profile listing on SpeakerCafe.com, your name might pop up higher on the search engines because you are related to this website (i.e., you have a speaker profile). This, in and of itself, is a HUGE value. Search engine optimization experts are expensive to hire, and it can take several months, even years, to get your website to rank high on the search engines.

What’s more, when meeting/event planners see a professional profile design listing all your speaker services, in addition to your website, they tend to take you more seriously and potentially give you more thought as to how you might be able to serve their (speaker) needs.

Lastly, you might not have a webmaster who can post the kinds of information about your speaker talents, speaker skills and speaking topics as well as we can here at SpeakerCafe.com. Our speaker profiles really do impress potential meeting/event planners and those looking to book speakers … just like you!

We run specials all the time. Typically, it’s $197 per year to list your speaker services on SpeakerCafe.com. You can check this page for specials to see what kind of savings you can take advantage of.

No! SpeakerCafe.com operates on the term you purchase. You are free to cancel anytime and eligible to have your speaker profile removed from our site whenever you choose. If you do choose to return to SpeakerCafe.com, let us know and we will republish your profile listing and turn on your billing at the current pricing rate. Should there be an additional fees for republishing your profile, you will be advised.

Depending on the special you take advantage of or the price schedule you choose at the time of purchase, listings can run annually, monthly, 1-3 years, etc. Provided your fees are paid as stated, your profile will remain on our listing indefinitely.

Bart Smith, SpeakerCafe.com FounderBart Smith, founder/author/speaker/trainer (and website designer) of SpeakerCafe.com, approves all directory listings for every speaker profile believing that quality, sound business savvy, professionalism, and innovation are what excites high-end clients. SpeakerCafe.com is a top-rate, visionary website created to help speakers realize a difference in their speaker profitability. Not every speaker has a first class website or platform in which to pitch their unique expertise and talents and SpeakerCafe.com is that platform for promoting speakers’ exceptional gifts. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.  — Vince Lombardi 

Whenever you need to make updates or edits to your speaker listing, simply use our Speaker Listing Update Form. SpeakerCafe.com will process your changes as soon as they are received.

A video is not a requirement, but clearly an advantage! How will prospective organizations know how you present the topics you wish to speak on? Some groups will ask for videos or audio samples of your work prior to booking a speaker to ensure a presentation meets their needs. Your goal as a speaker should be to expand your marketing mix. There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results than video with audio visuals.

If you don’t have video of yourself speaking, it should become a priority. Videos are one of the best way to present your products and services and promote YOU.  An ideal video recording should be about 10 minutes per topic. Include an introduction, some key material taken directly from your speech. Prospective meeting/event planners will be interested in how you open your presentation and how you conclude it. Give them the confidence they need to potentially book you on the spot! In the interim, to get started, list your speaker profile on SpeakerCafe.com.

Research tells us that more than 79% of people on the Internet frequently watch videos. This makes video a powerful tool, and if it is well packaged and used effectively, video can work wonders for any company. Now, this is not the time to be shy. Photographs of you at a speaking engagement can also serve as validation of events you conducted, your sense of style, audience size and more.

Honestly, there is really no way to crystal ball this answer when there are so many variables to consider. Engaging a speaker is dependent on meeting/event planning activities, objectives, budgetary parameters, popular topics, success stories, as well as individuals needing to book speakers for their speaker services. The challenge obviously is the lack of a central place where employers and speakers can connect and SpeakerCafe.com has solved that problem.

Speakers who get booked most frequently have one or more current, relevant presentations that resonate with the trends in the speaking marketplace. As a speaker, your goal should be to speak on what is the marketplace demanding. Look at your presentation like a product. Does the market need and want it?

The more YOU are “out there” in other ways will boost your speaker footprint online/offline such as networking, the more potential you have in getting speaking engagements because event/meeting planners like to see speakers who are on the ball, highly visible, sought after, and proactive in their speaking careers.

Getting started with your own speaker listing on SpeakerCafe.com is as easy as 1-2-3 …. Just follow these steps:

1. Download and complete the My Speaker Intake Form so SpeakerCafe.com can build your speaker profile listing.

2. Send us your completed speaker profile listing form (via eMail attachment) for processing, along with any photographs (also attached) that you might like posted on your speaker profile listing.

3. Pay for your speaker profile listing to be created and published on SpeakerCafe.com.

That it! When your speaker profile listing is ready for posting on SpeakerCafe.com, you will receive a WELCOME EMAIL with a link to your speaker profile for your review, use and promotion!