The #1 Mistake People Make Doing Media Interviews

How To Make Your Media Interview the STAR of the Show…

The biggest single mistake people make when they do media interviews and talk to the press is …they think it’s about them! It’s not. It’s about the story – even though it happens to be your story. When you’re booked to do an interview on radio or TV, it’s really not about selling your product, or even telling people how great it is (which I’m sure it is).

MURPHY’S LAW: Being booked to be interviewed by the press, or to guest on a show is about: how you and your business or product will make the show and the host look smarter, better and way cooler than ever before! You do that by talking about what problem you solve. And, only THEN is it about you and your business, book, music, service, etc…

As a media coach and the author of “Interview Tactics” How to Survive the Media. Without Getting Clobbered” I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 15,000 celebrities and news makers, and I can tell you first hand; successful media interviews are about understanding how this MURPHY’S LAW works and how to best make it work for YOU!

About Gayl Murphy, Hollywood Correspondent

Gayl Murphy is "The Celebritizer" - a Hollywood Correspondent (ABC News, BBC News, SKY News, E!), media expert and coach, speaker and author of "Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered! Gayl has interviewed over 15,000 celebrities and newsmakers for TV, radio, print and online.

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