The 7 Media Secrets To Your Business Card Success

How to “tell it to sell it” in 3 1/2’’ x 2’’

As a media and presentational coach, I’m often hired to coach entertainment industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs on the art of successful networking. These are the same people who would rather be caught face down on the Red Carpet than have to network in a room full of corporate strangers. One such vital piece of networking equipment we always talk about is the tried and true business card. The good, the bad and the “are you kidding me dude?”

Having a business card that does the heavy lifting for you is about having other business people find you and connect with you regardless of what business, or industry you’re in. Murphy’s Law: Never leave home without your business cards. Always stash extra cards in your car, golf bag, gym bag and two other places in your briefcase and purse. Networking knows no boundaries!

(Gayl) Murphy’s Law: The 7 Media Secrets To Business Card Success!

1. Always have a business card that tells people EXACTLY how to contact you. Too many people get all precious about leaving important pieces of information out, like their email address because they want people to go to their website. Not gonna happen. Don’t make your perspective clients work that hard. They won’t. If you must, get a gmail or yahoo account for networking email.

2. No glossy finish. A card with a glossy finish makes it’s too difficult for someone to write notes to themselves on the back of your card about what they liked about you and why they should follow up and work with you.

3. Chose a large font so that people can actually read your info without having to pull out a microscope, or God forbid…their glasses. (I can’t tell you how many people tell me this. And, I think, “Who was this card created for? Tinkerbell?”)

4. Brand yourself on both sides of your card. The backside should act as a reminder of who you are when the card is face down. But, still leaving space for them to write something fabulous about you.

5. Do you have a giveaway on your website; a free report, coupons, discounts? Say it on your card. Drive traffic to your site from your card so people can read more about you, get to know you – and you can capture their email address when they opt-in for your goodies.

6. On Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Say it on your card. People like to contact people in their own way. Make it easy for them to get to know you in a way that’s most comfortable for them.

7. Your business card is your message, but it’s about the person who receives it. So, think about who you are and what you’re selling that makes you memorable and easy to connect with. It’s a small space I know, but so is Twitter. “Ya gotta tell it to sell it!” regardless of the size of the sandbox. Good luck Grasshopper!

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