What Sells In The Media Is YOU!

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightening bug and the lightening.” ~ Mark Twain

Too true, especially when it’s you choosing the words that best describe you and your business. If you’re not specific, you’re just not on the radar. In this over-saturated media world, with it’s hundreds of ways of saying, “Can you hear me now?” – we live and die by what we say. As a business, you gotta tell it to sell it! Period. Because if you can’t tell your own story, who can and who will? And, why would you want them to? Successfully navigating the media today is more critical than ever. It’s as fundamental as having a product to sell!

In 2011, we are our own broadcasters and networks. We’re “message-generators” and the objective is creating messages that are potent enough and compelling enough to move themselves forward by themselves! (Just because they’re so dang interesting, informational and/or entertaining.) What sells in the media is YOU!  You are the celebrity spokesperson for you. Whether it’s to millions, or to that one specific deal-making decision-maker. If you can’t describe who you are and what you’re selling to one person, it’s unlikely you can’t tell it to a million.

If you want to be heard above the roar of the millions of other voices competing for the world’s attention, your media messages have got to stick with the people who hear them.

The four quickest ways to create messages that stick …

1 – Identify your core message. (What is it you want people to know?)

2 – When the clock is ticking, lead with it.

3 – What problem does your product solve? (Take your time it’s tricky)

4 – Piggyback you message on what people are already talking about and who they know, then make it your own.

This “making it your own” part is the foundation of why “celebritized” CEOs like Richard Branson, Oprah, Steve Jobs and Kim Kardashian are so successful. It’s because they’re familiar. We see and hear from them all the time, so we think we know them. Therefore, we emotionally invest in them right away by gifting them with our attention; rewarding the message by remembering it and telling someone else.

In my book “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media Without Getting Clobbered. The Insider’s Guide to Giving a Killer Interviews!” I define media as Anyone or anything that has the ability take your message and move it forward And, if you don’t see it that way, I urge you to take a closer look.

Stay engaged, on topic, on target and on time…

“Interview Tactics!” is now also available for Kindle at Amazon.com, Nook at BarnesandNoble.com, eReader at TheSonyStore.com and iTunes.com for iPad, iPadTouch and iPhone.


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Gayl Murphy is "The Celebritizer" - a Hollywood Correspondent (ABC News, BBC News, SKY News, E!), media expert and coach, speaker and author of "Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered! Gayl has interviewed over 15,000 celebrities and newsmakers for TV, radio, print and online.

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